- Software sketch Residential - business building Bijenicka Road 134, a location permit, detailed design, building permit.
- Final design and implementation documentation, housing settlements Drežnik production in association with APB Incorporated.
- Detailed design for the reconstruction of the existing magazines in the room community house MS Brezovica.
- Planning of equipment design and interior restroom Ban Josip Jelacic Square.
- Detailed Design Planning facade Tkalciceva 33, monument
- Software sketches and site permit home Rabar, Rovinj, a historic monument.
- The project of reconstruction of the roof and facade of park toilets Mirogoj, monument, approved by the competent institution.
- Final design of residential and commercial buildings Agata Antolic, Oporovecka 220, the construction permit.
- A program plan, the location permit, detailed design and construction permits residential homes Vrlec, Bedekovcina.
- Elaborate safety housing and commercial buildings Cicko Zeljko, Lower Laduc.
- Software sketches and site permit residential and commercial buildings Barisic, Old Samoborska road Sv.Nedjelja
- A considerable number of detailed tender, bills of quantities, plans and details

- Reconstruction of the retaining wall building Rubeticeva 10th
- Reconstruction of the retaining wall building Medvedgradska 30th
- Reconstruction of the retaining wall along the stairs Ivekoviceve.
- Construction of water tanks with the valve chamber Kravarsko.
- Construction of Lifting stations Bogdan - Struga.
- Construction of drainage manholes and retaining wall to repair the body dumps Jakusevec.
- Reconstruction of the retaining wall object Pond 38th
- Rehabilitation of roads and concrete paths at the city cemetery Mirogoj Mirosevac, 500m
- Rehabilitation of the summer terrace swimming pools Winter "Mladost".
- Water management regulation of the streambed Trnava
- Reinforced concrete work on the development of internal roads and working plateau Chromos factory resin
- Tiling 110 m2 partera farm yard MS Brezovica concrete products and horticultural works to restore the environment
- Parterre repair works on the park pedestrian Kovacic Zamenhoffova, concrete, clay, locksmithing
- Rehabilitation of the parapet wall along the stairs Magdic, concrete and locksmithing
- Repair of floor paving stone stairs and walking passage Prigornica.
- Repair stairs and floor paving on pedestrian walking passage on the Alley of Bologna
- Repair of floor paving replacing the hexagons on the Ban J. Jelacic
- Construction of the entrance ramp for the disabled on site swimming pool Mladost
- Locksmith and masonry repairs to handrails and stair steps Kraljevec
- Rehabilitation of park hiking trails leather Steps - St George's Street, concrete and earthwork
- Work to restore Lovcen column-reinforced concrete, locksmithing
- Building-craft repair works on the 800 m2 terrace hiking Radauševa Sefer-street in the village Ravnice, hydro-isolation works, concrete pad, coating the concrete slabs
- Works on the restoration of concrete and stone-work pedestrian underpasses Podsused
- Work on the rehabilitation of retaining walls, underpasses Medpotoki II
- Repair damage to public stairs at the park Opatovina, concrete and stone work
- Repair damage to public pillars of the Society, and concrete work kulir
- Installation of new cast-iron gate in pedestrian subways Središce, Sopot, Trnsko, Folnegoviceva, Sparrow, Gluhak, Medpotoki I and II, Gajnice, Dubravice, Prigornica, Podsused
- Works on the restoration of terraces in the village Ravnice, Radauševa-Šeferova, hyidro-isolatation, repairing drainage, concrete, coating kulir plates - 7000 m2
- Installation of new cast-iron grate in pedestrian subways Savski Gaj, side and north and south of the Loop
- Creating new support walls in subways and Gajnice Gluhak; earth, reinforced concrete, masonry and kulir works
- Reinforced concrete pillars and repair works on the Faller promenade, facing kulir by tile
- Work on the modification of paving concrete slabs at the entrance to DV Malešnica, 350 m2
- Rehabilitation of the access stairs Kustošija Elementary School, 110 m2 kulir washed and stone-works
- Restoration of the staircase, sloping roof and storm sewers, Dugave
- Preparation and arrangement of the entrance ramp, Adamovec
- Development of ramps and arrangement of the entrance to the elementary school Zagorke MJ,
- Reconstruction of culverts - construction of a bridge over the creek Vidovec, Miroševec road
- Restoration public pillar Debaniceva Street, Marina Držica and Svibovac, clay, concrete, locksmithing
- Construction of ramps for the disabled, Crnojezerska 20
- Restoration office space SYNTRADE, Jurišiceva 2
- Adaptation of housing in the Dalmatian 12, flat Kramaric
- Reconstruction and arrangement of public toilets "Kaptol" and "Marshal Tito"
- Reconstruction and arrangement of rooms local self-governments "Kraljevec" "Srednjaci" and "Granešina"
- Upgrade room for a nursery at the municipal office in Sesvetskom Kraljevcu - masonry, roofing and stone work
- Ceramic works on the renovation of the pool to the house Winter swimming pool "Mladost"
- Rehabilitation of water supply network of tennis courts in Mali Losinj
- Repair of internal water supply and sewerage network facility Winter swimming pools "Mladost"
- Plumbing, sewage, construction works on the maintenance of public toilets and town Zageb
- Rehabilitation of the parapet wall along the stairs Magdic
- Repair works on the park pedestrian Kovacic Zamenhoffova
- Masonry, painting repairs to the building facade Krijesnice 15
- Adaptation of the building of the Local Government Brezovica, construction works, installations
- Adaptation of the flat Buric, Ilica 198
- Adaptation of the flat street Kramaric in Bosiljevskoj
- Reconstructon of stone walls, garden pavilion, Parish of the Resurrection of Jesus in Sesvetskom Kraljevcu
- Production and installation of glass panels in the floor in the passage Maric
- Building and plumbing renovation of tourist apartments Majnaric, Mali Losinj
- Restorating courtyard dwelling house facility for the elderly, Drenovacka 30, Zagreb
- Civil works on rehabilitation of facades and maintenance of public toilets in Zagreb: Mirogoj, Tuškanac, Opatovina, Nursery Pond toilet in the park, Baby on toilet Svacicev Square, Lang Square, Theatre Square, Kvaternikov Square, the British square, Trg Ban J. Jelacic, Branimirova, Capitol, Habdeliceva

- House Matijevic, Bucarova street, apartment street Bosanska
- House Bozicevic, Banjol, Rab
- Reconstruction of flat roofs passable and impassable, I.G. Kovacic 2, Zelenogorska 7
- Reconstruction of facades, Draškoviceva 60
- Reconstruction of war-ravaged house, Lika - Senj County resort Dabar, Sibenik County village Dubravice, Skradin fourth stages of reconstruction
- Rehabilitation of flat roofs - Meduliceva 30courtyard annex, Šestinski square 10, schools
- Planning and reconstruction of the street facades Ðordiceva 5
- Family House Pine Street Sakoman Kosirnikova
- Continuation of building church in Buševcu - concrete and masonry
- Painting facade rehabilitation facility in Buric-Grškovic street
- Reconstruction of the roof, wooden staircases and building facades Srebrnjak 73
- Repair of roof covering MC Donalds restaurant, the Main Railway Station underpass
- Rehabilitation of the building facade of the House for the elderly and infirm Trešnjevka, Drenovacka 30
- Rehabilitation of the sloping roof of the building kindergarten Grain, Kozari Bok

- Functional technical maintenance of pumping stations in Zagreb 19 pedestrian underpasses with 31 Flygt pump types, Elektrokovina, Wilo and underpasses beneath the Sava road, with 3 ABS Pumps 18.5 kW
- Reconstruction of 9 pumping station with a pedestrian underpass renovation and installation of new pumps and automation
- Functionally holding device for lifting an underpass in the Zagreb area; Rotor Jankomir, Sparrow, Selska, HBZ, Slavonian Avenue - Sava, Zagrebacka Street, Škorpikova, CULINECKA
- Repair and overhaul pumps Flygt CP 3126th 7.4 kW and CP 3,201th 22 kW at prepumpnim Jankomir station underpass and the Croatian Fraternal Union
- Mechanical construction electrician prepumpne station underpass Main Station, 4 pump CP 3140th 9 kW
- Overhaul and repair of pumping station with pumps and Elektrokovina IMP automation of Zagreb Markets
- Reconstruction of pump parts Flygt CP 3152nd 13.5 kW for the company Elektroobnove, internal systems Pliva, RIZ-Transmitters, Zagreb Markets, a series of residential buildings
- Mechanical - electrical works on building Lifting stations Bogdan - Struga
- Reconstruction of pumping station pedestrian underpass Prigornica, Dubravice, Gajnice, Savski Gaj, FC
- Change the automatic station underpass Selska
- Modify automation pump station becomes an underpass at Dinamo stadium
- Supply of 2 types of Flygt pumps for "Water" Makarska
- Functional maintenance of heating station and air conditioning systems on underpass Main Station